Furniture Swap

A house isn't just a structure; it's a canvas for your personality and lifestyle. If our meticulously selected furniture pieces don't align with your vision, we offer the unprecedented option of furniture swapping.

Our team of professional interior designers will work closely with you to understand your preferences and source pieces that reflect your unique taste. It's your home, and it should be filled with furniture that you love.

Interior Modification

Flexibility is at the core of our service. Should you wish to make changes to the interior layout or design of your new home, our team is at your service.

We will collaborate with you to understand your requirements, whether it's altering a room's function, modifying wall colors, or even changing the floor plan. We are committed to providing you with a living space that is genuinely yours.

Peace of Mind

We stand by our promise of quality. Any furniture piece or interior modification made under our service is done so without compromising the structural integrity or overall aesthetics of the house.

Your dream home is our top priority, and we ensure that the quality of our work matches your expectations.

Easy & Hasle-Free

We handle everything from conceptualization to implementation, making the process stress-free for our homeowners.

Our dedicated team will coordinate with you at each step, keeping you informed and involved.

Contact Us

At Maison De La Vie, it's all about you. We want you to feel at home the moment you step through the front door. Contact us today to learn more about our Furniture Swap & Interior Modification service and how we can help make your dream home a reality.

Your luxury, your choice!