Neom City: A Vision of the Future in Saudi Arabia

Neom City: A Vision of the Future in Saudi Arabia

Neom City, a project of unprecedented scale and ambition, is set to redefine the concept of urban development. Located in the northwestern region of Saudi Arabia, Neom City is a civilizational revolution that puts humans first, providing an unprecedented urban living experience while preserving the surrounding nature.

A Revolution in Urban Living

Neom City is designed to redefine the concept of urban development and what cities of the future should look like. With no roads, cars, or emissions, it will run on 100% renewable energy, and 95% of the land will be preserved for nature. The city is designed to be only 200 meters wide but 170 kilometers long and 500 meters above sea level. It will eventually accommodate 9 million people and will be built on a footprint of just 34 square kilometers.

Unparalleled Access to Nature

Neom City's progressive design offers immediate and uninterrupted access to nature within a two-minute walk through its diverse open spaces, suspended on multiple levels. Equitable access to pristine views of the surrounding natural landscape, mountains, and sky – for all – avoiding urban sprawl thanks to a reduced infrastructure footprint.

Clean Air for Everyone

The city will be zero-carbon, through the elimination of carbon-intensive infrastructure like cars and roads. It will operate on 100% renewable energy, including the operations of its industries. The integration of nature and open spaces throughout will serve an important role in purifying air quality.

More Time to Spend with Loved Ones

Everything will be accessible within a five-minute walk, and an efficient public transport network will offer an end-to-end journey in just 20 minutes. Automated services will be powered by artificial intelligence. Amenities in close proximity will mean residents see family and friends often through spontaneous encounters.

A Perfect Climate All-Year-Round

To ensure the establishment of microclimatic spaces, the environment has been carefully designed to allow for an optimal balance of sunlight, shade, and natural ventilation. Furthermore, the green open spaces throughout the city will further enhance the comfort for those living, working, and visiting here.

A Community Inventing the Future

Advanced tech planning logistics and modular construction will enable efficient delivery of Neom City. And the community will live close to, and in harmony with, nature – which will be 95% untouched by urbanization. The vertical garden city will mean you are always only two minutes from nature.

In conclusion, Neom City is more than just a city; it's a vision of the future. It's a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of creating a sustainable, livable, and technologically advanced urban environment. As we look towards the future, there's no doubt that Neom City will continue to inspire the world with its innovative approach to urban living.

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