Different Recipes and Uses of Gluten-Free Turkish Delight

Different Recipes and Uses of Gluten-Free Turkish Delight

Turkish delight is a sweet dish prepared from sugar and starch, which forms a gel and is sweetened using molasses/honey, and it comes in amazing flavors. After the gel formation takes place, it is flavored and cut into cubes or rolls and dipped into desiccated coconut or icing sugar. Chopped nuts and hazelnuts are also layered on the top of it. Turkish delight is now produced and enjoyed in several countries, but the best authentic flavor can only be found in Turkey. Lokum is made in plenty of flavorful recipes and delightful flavors such as.

The Different Types of Turkish Delight Recipes are –


  • Rosewater Turkish Delight
  • The best gift you can bring from Istanbul is a box full of rose-flavored Turkish delight. Rosewater Turkish delight recipe is available, especially in the classic pink cube style, which is flavored with rosewater and then dipped in the icing sugar. The Turkish delight rolls are sweetened using honey instead of sugar, and then a coat of dried rose petals is added. You’ll get rice-flavored Turkish delight recipes in Turkey's spice bazaars and confectionery shops.    

  • Lemon Turkish Delight
  • This unique Turkish delight recipe excites the taste buds when you bite into the zesty flavors of lemon in lokum. The lemon-flavored Turkish delight is also a classic flavor which is delightful and refreshing at the same time.


  • Homemade Pistachio Turkish Delight
  • Turkey is the topmost producer of pistachio nuts globally. So you’ll get to see pistachio nuts in Turkish delight recipes. Homemade pistachio Turkish delight is a quick recipe filled with pistachio nuts. It is cut into rolls and cubes and dipped into a generous amount of these vibrant and delicious green pistachio nuts.   


  • Turkish Delight Brownies

    The chocolate-flavored and coated Turkish delight is a comforting treat cut into rolls and made into brownies. It also contains mouth water fillings like Nutella and chopped nuts.  


  • Lokum Recipe (Turkish Delight) – Pomegranate

    Turkey is considered a pomegranate paradise since this country produces abundant flavored pomegranate recipes. You’ll get pomegranate flavors in drinks, molasses, tea, and Turkish delight. This recipe includes sliced pistachio nuts and dried barberries and is the most popular and favorite flavor of lokum.  


  • Orange Blossom Turkish Delight

    This Turkish delight recipe has orange flavors and coatings, which are mouthwatering and a unique treat to your taste buds. 

    What are the uses of Turkish Delight? 

    Gluten-Free Turkish Delight is easy to store and comes with many health benefits. You can store it in an airtight container and cool it in the fridge and enjoy it for even a month. Many people consume this as a dessert to treat their kidney disease. People living in Anatolian villages still use Turkish delight to heal wounds. It is also used to remove harmful components from the body that have been accumulated due to the consumption of protein food. Turkish delight eliminates toxins from your body, clears acne, and heals kidney problems. It is prepared with energy-giving flavors and fillings like nuts, coconuts, etc. 

    Turkish delight  is enjoyed by people from all the corners of the world. We make gluten-free Turkish delight with several delightful coatings and flavors. If you want to enjoy this gluten-free snack, contact us and get a wide range of Turkish delight-flavored desserts.

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