Cleaners for Stone Tiles

Cleaners for Stone Tiles

Natural stones like marble, granite, travertine, limestone, etc., add a luxurious touch to any place it is attached to and also adds value which helps during resale. Some homeowners show more interest in buying these natural stone tiles for their homes but fail to take good care of them. It is better to use the cleaners that professionals suggest for longevity.

Countertop Surfaces: Homeowners can clean the natural stone tile countertops using stone soap, dishwashing detergent and a neutral cleaner and warm water. To get the best results, try using a clean, soft cloth. Using too much soap or cleaner may cause streaks. It is not advisable to use vinegar, lemon, or any acids on natural stone tiles because it may trigger a chemical reaction. Likewise, creams or scouring powders contain abrasives, which may scratch the surface.

Floor Surfaces: Use a non-treated dry dust mop to clean the dust that falls on the floor surfaces. It may be hard to believe, but grit, sand and dirt cause damage to the natural stone tiles like travertine, marble, granite, etc., due to their abrasive properties. Homeowners can use mats or rugs to prevent scratches because these will collect dust.

Bathroom and Other Areas: Homeowners can minimise soap scum formation by using a squeegee. A solution of ammonia or Non-acidic soap scum and water is the best remedy to remove soap scum. But homeowners should keep in mind that using ammonia solutions often may dull the stone’s surface in the long run.

For Stones Used in Outdoor: People who use natural stones like travertine outdoors may find it difficult to maintain because of its size and exposure to all types of climates. Because maintaining these tiles on a frequent basis is almost impossible and may consume more time. Large tiles need proper care and maintenance at regular intervals for their prolonged life.

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